Which Way, Big Man?: Exit stage left (before we fall asleep)

Which Way, Big Man and five other plays, Nora Vagi Brash, 1996

  • Papua New Guinea, #8
  • Paperback, $2, Amazon.com
  • Read November 2016
  • Rating 2/5
  • Recommended for: earnest but unskilled dramaturges

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The Incomparable Ulli Beier

Words of ParadisePoetry of Papua New Guinea, ed. Ulli Beier, 1972

When the Moon Was Big, and Other Legends from New Guinea, ed. Ulli Beier, 1972

Voices of Independence: New Black Writing from Papua New Guinea, ed. Ulli Beier, 1980

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Excerpt: Nights of Storytelling

I meant to include this sentence in my blog post on Nights of Storytelling, but I forgot. And I like it too much not to share it with you.

When the chief of the Koné goes to check for food caught in the line of traps he has set the previous day, he discovers that he has snared an extremely angry lizard who demands to be released.

-Raylene Ramsay, ed.
Nights of Storytelling: A Cultural History of Kanaky-New Caledonia